If you or your clients value data and analytical rigor...

When you commit capital, present to your IC, develop a strategy or when major operational decisions are at stake at project level, you may wish to call upon data-driven and independent analysis to help assess opportunities, verify key assumptions and ultimately give you greater confidence in your decisions.
Due Diligence

Through in-depth market studies, we support clients in due diligence and strategic project decisions, providing an independent assessment rigorously grounded in a combination of data-driven primary and secondary research

Sales Analytics

With proprietary tools, we help clients estimate expected project-level sales velocity and price levels based on extensive data analysis of comps, at project, district and city level estimates, for residential development projects

China Forecast

With flagship China Forecast reports and private briefings, we help clients form a view, identify turning points in the market, and provide clients with extensive analysis of latest data, qualitative and policy factors


With CityScreener™ framework, we support clients in top-down multi-criteria city selection and assessment and monitoring of exposure, based on relative attractiveness of cities


With QuantiviableTM we provide clients with an online analytics companion – an interactive charting tool that uses our ranking-data for evaluating relative attractiveness of districts, developers or cities against on multiple criteria

Land Report

With the monthly report on land acquisitions by 20 major developers as well as land sales in 40 major cities, we help clients monitor key developments in the land markets

How are we different?

We apply advanced data analytics tools and combine data science and technology with on-the-ground research, with a 2-year track record in accurate forecasting for the China housing markets, and the flagship monthly China Forecast report published each month for over 2 years.
Combining Data Science With
On-The-Ground Research

Technology solutions and skills we have developed enable us to provide clients with unique insights by capturing and analyzing larger volumes of data as well as making sense of extensive qualitative content.

Thanks to collaboration with data partners, especially Beijing-based SouFun - China Index Academy, we are able to build our proprietary analytics on top of private raw data.

At the same time, thanks to our specialization and focus on China property markets, we stay very close to the market talk and engage with wide range of market participants on a daily basis, which gives us first-hand insights into what is going on. Our founder Robert Ciemniak is a frequent speaker, moderator and panelist at key industry events on China.

  • Track record

    … with house price forecasts, city selection, due diligence market studies

  • Technology & Analytics

    … driven, working with small and big data and proprietary tools

  • Data Partners

    … include SouFun-China Index Academy in Beijing

  • Independence & Specialization

    … independent from brokerage, fund raising, securities trading, and focused on China real estate markets

Core team

We work through our core team of analysts, with support from our network of experts.
Robert Ciemniak
Robert Ciemniak
Founder-CEO & Chief Analyst
Robert started the company in 2012, after 13 years at Thomson Reuters in two major roles as Global Head of Real Estate Markets (London/Hong Kong) and earlier as Head of Corporate Foresight in Group Strategy in London. He holds a dual MBA degree from London Business School and Columbia Business School in New York, and MSc from Warsaw School of Economics. Robert is also an international master in chess and author of a book about the Internet and competitive strategy (1999).
Luo Chi
Luo Chi
Tommy Luo graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a bachelor degree in business administration. He has passed CFA level 1 and level 2 exams in two consecutive years. At Real Estate Foresight, as a full-time analyst Tommy focuses on quantitative analysis and in-depth market research.


We are pleased to collaborate informally with a distinguished group of independent experts and analysts. On client request, we can form a project-specific team with relevant expertise from across the network or direct the conversation to the right person. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or connect with a Member directly.

David Schlesinger
David Schlesinger
David Schlesinger is the founder of Tripod Advisors, a consultancy that advises on political risk analysis, strategy and on running complex, dispersed global organizations with an emphasis on China and media. He was formerly Chairman of Thomson Reuters China, responsible for government relations and businesses in financial markets, legal and regulatory databases, scientific information and journalism.
Lijun (Isabel) Cao
Lijun (Isabel) Cao
Isabel is an award-winning journalist, writer and communications advisor with 15 years of experience including 7 years with China’s Xinhua New Agency in various roles in Beijing, Afghanistan and London. More recently, Isabel worked with The Economist Group in Hong Kong, where she was Senior Programme Editor and managed projects in Asia Pacific region. Isabel works currently with EuroFinance, part of The Economist Group, as Head of Programmes, Greater China.
Janek Konarski
Janek Konarski
Janek Konarski has over 25 years experience in real estate development design, he was educated at the Architectural Association, London. He is a qualified licensed architect member of The American Institute of Architects. He started JKETA with the purpose of providing early insight into layout, design and metrics during the project initiation through feasibility analysis of the development process. JKETA is a consortium of architects with international experience on noted projects.
Patrick Lecomte
Patrick Lecomte
Dr. Patrick Lecomte is an executive director in charge of the Advanced Master in Financial Techniques (among top 5 best Masters in Finance globally- Financial Times ranking June 2015) and a senior research fellow at ESSEC Asia Pacific (Singapore campus). He specializes in real estate finance, and financial innovation applied to commercial real estate. His research on property derivatives has won numerous awards sponsored by the Fannie Mae Foundation, the Homer Hoyt Institute, the American Real Estate Society, and the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties.
Dipyaman Sanyal
Dipyaman Sanyal
Founder and CEO, dōnō consulting
Dipyaman Sanyal (Deep) is founder and CEO of dōnō consulting. He is also Adjunct Faculty for Analytics and Finance at Institute of Management Technology (a leading Indian business school). A quantitative analyst and economist, Deep’s primary expertise is in real estate and related securities. He has worked in research and analytics for Sorin Capital, Blackstone Group, REIS, Dow Jones Indexes and Thomson Reuters in New York and India.


We are collaborating with the world's leading providers of real estate, financial, demographic and economic data, research and analytics, including:

SouFun-China Index Academy SOUFUN Demographic Consulting Real Capital Analytics



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