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Wrapping up Real Estate Foresight’s China Research for 2021
Posted: 31 December, 2021

Wrapping up Real Estate Foresight's China Research for 2021:

When we published our forecast for the house price growth and volume growth in January 2021, off December 2020 data, we did very much expect a slowdown in 2021, though not as severe as it happened for certain developers. Still, by the specific aggregate forecast metrics, the actual y/y price growth (CREIS-100) of +2.7% for November is very close to +2.1% in our main scenario. Our volume (NBS, 12M y/y) prediction of +3.0% for full 2021 is likely to be close too with Nov actual at +5.3% and coming down. We will publish our annual forecast in January 2022.

Aside from the bespoke projects for clients, our ongoing 'China Forecast' research engine has been busy, including 24 flagship monthly reports (China Property, CityScreener), 36+ data updates, and with the help of our in-house Robots - some 600 REF City Reports, 365 daily robo-briefs on 50 cities, and many more. We've extended the data center sector coverage in the quarterly reports, daily and weekly robo-briefs, and the growing databases of data center Projects and Deals.

Our Signallium(TM) China Property platform now serves as a solid research delivery tool, along with market intelligence and alert system picking up important signals from public local sources.

The 9th annual China Property Outlook in February was virtual but by October we were back with our in-person breakfast events in Hong Kong.  

In the second half of the year, we've added a whole new angle to our research as investors' focus became the developers in distress and understanding of their assets.

A big thank you to our clients and partners, and to a healthy 2022! 

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