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China House Prices In Motion: 70 Cities 2012-2022
Posted: 16 January, 2023

China Property - this animation from Real Estate Foresight gives an intuitive feel for how the house prices (new home sales) across 70 major cities moved in each of the past 10 years. 

The city name labels highlight those cities that at some point were #1 (none more than once). 

For 2022, Chengdu is the top performer with +9.0%, with Beihai on the other end with -10.3%. Across the 70 cities, the average growth rate for 2022 was -2.29%, while a year earlier that figure stood at +1.98%.

These are aggregate metrics, useful for the sense of direction and relative performance, and may not reflect the 'ground feel' when you check on specific projects. The NBS price growth indices tend to cover mainly the core district areas of the cities.

All in terms of the year-on-year growth as of December for each year, based on the official NBS house price indices with the latest December data released earlier today. On the fixed X axis, the cities are sorted by their rank on 2022 house price y/y growth.