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Signallium(TM) China Property
Posted: 1 September, 2022

For investors trying to figure out how the distress among many Chinese property developers will play out, the local public sources and direct announcements from companies often carry valuable signals and insights - for example, the latest policy easing measures, local surveys capturing homebuyer sentiment, facts, and rumours on specific developers and their local operations, project launches and suspensions, transactions in distressed situations, or what the latest land auction results mean for the market.

That’s what we are capturing with Signallium(TM) China Property by Robotic Online Intelligence, giving clients first-hand alerts of such local developments, with handy translations and pointers to more detailed info. All based on the regular search across 3,000+ local public sources, manually researched and curated by our team over the past years, filtered and packaged into a customisable dashboard. 

Beyond the alerts and market intelligence, the sister venture Real Estate Foresight's proprietary research dives deep into the China housing market dynamics and specific developers' portfolios and projects, having been focused on that sector since 2012.

If you are a fund or investor with an exposure to China property, please do reach out for research samples and trial access.