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Introducing Chinese Developer Profiles
Posted: 19 December, 2022

Since 2021, we have worked at Real Estate Foresight (REF) on numerous cases of helping clients understand the Chinese developers' underlying project attractiveness and performance, especially for the developers in distress, though the same would be applicable to any major player.

We have now standardized and partly automated the production of such 'Profiles'.

The purpose of the 'Profile' is to start with a quantitative picture of the developer's exposure by city and project and overlay that with city performance indicators, to get a rough idea of value distribution as well as the performance of cities where the developer has exposure.

It can help form much finer and more differentiated views on the developer, keeping in mind numerous data caveats that apply. City-level prices, for example, can only serve as a top-down initial proxy for project value calculations.

In particular, the Developer's City Exposure Quality 'score' draws on REF's CityScreener(TM) framework and brings all the calculations into a single metric, making it comparable across developers.