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Last Updated: 7 June, 2021

How do we address these long-term doubts and default worries questions from investors? How do we best communicate real market dynamics? We need that deck in a week…


50 million empty apartments, ghost towns? Everyone owns 3 flats already? More cement consumed in 3 years than the US in the 20th century? Will developer X troubles bring everything down? Big slowdown and demographic struggle ahead?


For 9 years, we have been assisting clients with IR communications where the LPs/ investors ultimately would want more data-driven and grounded explanations on the big China questions as well as new policies, data releases, events or just media headlines.


In practice this means:


-Market Primer reports (incl. residential, rental housing, data centers, cross-sector)

-Regular monthly/quarterly market updates / ‘decks’ for investors

-IC decks on specific deals (relevant part only)

-Assistance in responding to ad hoc enquries (within our scope)

-Board presentations delivered by Robert Ciemniak

-Distribution rights for our proprietary research


Sample Components from our Research:

Primers on Rental Housing and Greater Bay Area:


We believe it is not about being just positive or negative on China property or particular new developments, but rather about how to illuminate the key issues objectively, where you can then communicate your particular strategy and tactics to your stakeholders, against the well-grounded context. You give your stakeholders more comfort with risk and confidence that you have grasped all the issues.


And often it is just pure education about the market or a reality and data check on sensational media or analyst headlines.


We find the proverbial devil is in the (data) detail holds increasingly true as the investor questions about China property get more specific around data caveats and proper ways to interpret the information.


On that topic alone, we have a new "China Property Data 101" presentation module we have delivered on client calls, and Robert Ciemniak contributed a chapter "Navigating the China Property Data Landscape" to a new book published by Springer.


China Property Data 101 (clients only, the image blurred intentionally)

‘Navigating the China Property Data Landscape’ book chapter


Robert Ciemniak has been a regular speaker over the past 9 years at conferences and private briefings for the buy-side in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York, incl. events by major global investment banks.

Where do we get the data?


We license (for the past 9 years, we have been partnering with China Index Academy in Beijing) and also collect a large volume of the underlying raw structured and unstructured data that we then turn into metrics and analytics, including the use of proprietary technology from our sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) and its AI-powered research automation and data collection tools.


Can we save time you spend (and frustrations that go with it) on pure report production?


If you produce regular standardized ‘decks’ for your LPs, we may also be able to automate the production of such reports, as we have done for City Reports in our research, as well as for a number of clients on a customized basis.



If you would like to arrange for an introductory call, simply email us at research@realestateforesight.com.