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China Property Report - "One District, One Policy"
Posted: 12 June, 2023

The housing market indicators for April (Jan-Apr) showed further improvement, mostly “less negative” on a 12M Y/Y basis, but the indicators for May, including the higher-frequency weekly data (chart below), point to a slowdown in the recovery.

The official macro-property data for May is due to come out this Thursday.

”One District, One Policy” relaxation of home purchase restrictions rules in some Tier-1 and major Tier-2 cities indicates a continuation of localized policy fine-tuning, not a major new stimulus for the property sector.

We just published the latest China Property report by Real Estate Foresight (REF), going into the very details of all the key metrics of sales, prices, land, inventory, and macro factors, along with our forecasts for new home sales, new starts, and house prices.