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China Data Centers - Quarterly Report Q1 2021
Posted: 8 June, 2021

Just published to clients our Quarterly Market Report on Data Centers in China by Real Estate Foresight / Robotic Online Intelligence - drawing on the Q1 disclosures (esp. GDS, 21Vianet, Chindata, Shanghai AtHub, Guangzhou Aofei), and the latest from our databases where we track 500+ projects and capture 180+ deals, along with a curated review of new policies and other intel from Signallium(TM) Data Centers market intelligence platform.

On the policy front - Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong – all issued a range of new policies and inspections and guidelines in April-May that effectively push for the lower PUE (in principle < 1.3) and larger-scale data centers, and would disincentivize or prohibit the ‘inefficient’ ones. Beijing also issued a notice specific to overseeing cryptocurrency mining operations (on the concern of electricity consumption), and new rules came out in Inner Mongolia.