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CEO, Private Equity Real Estate Fund
Last Updated: 7 June, 2021

You seek an edge, beyond capital – for your deals, for your team, for your LPs. In the data-driven world, how do you ensure your teams are on top of the market?


Information advantage will not come from buying information or research everyone else can buy in the same form.  


That’s why we can help your teams customize the market intelligence and research to the specific strategy, locations, or companies-partners. You then grow confidence that your operations rely on the solid, data-grounded foundations.


For over 9 years, primarily but not exclusively in the residential development sector, we have been assisting the private equity real estate funds, in particular through:


1. Daily, weekly and monthly market intelligence and research, incl. 40+ City Reports

2. Due diligence on underwriting assumptions for specific projects, and independent ‘sanity checks’

3. Support for IR communications to the LPs


… with strong customer references and proven track record of insights and predictions.


China Forecast Service – Standardized Research Augments Customized DD Work


Robert Ciemniak has been a regular speaker over the past 9 years at conferences and private briefings for the buy-side in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York, incl. events by major global investment banks.



How do we build our edge?


We license and collect a large volume of the underlying raw structured and unstructured data that we then turn into metrics and analytics, including the use of proprietary technology from our sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) and its AI-powered research automation tools.


Combining the specialist data-driven analysis with primary research and software development as well as board-level communications (all within the same team), differentiates us from other firms.


Finally, in some sense most importantly, we are an independent research firm. We do not broker any deals, sell any assets or funds and hence can serve you without the bias or conflicted incentives.


Are we in a position to assist your firm, specifically?


If you have any form of direct or indirect exposure to China housing sector, Chinese developers, data centers, logistics or rental housing market, we believe it will be worth a conversation.


Lastly, If you are in the midst of or are planning for a digitization initiative, our technology and data capabilities extend far beyond China markets.


To set up an introductory call, see the examples of the above, simply email us at research@realestateforesight.com.