Posted: 13 May, 2021

Since 2013, we have been helping private equity funds, hedge funds and developers:


With more digitalization initiatives in real estate, we also get involved in helping clients with their ‘data strategy’, involving our sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence.





Time is of the essence, when you are moving forward with a potential transaction.


With our ‘Rapid Due Diligence’ for residential development projects, you can get high-quality and most granular and comprehensive data-driven independent checks on the key market assumptions for your deal.


You get the output readily presentable to the IC or the Board, in English.


Even in 5 days, compared to what would typically take a few weeks.


The reason this is doable is our data, technology, process, experience, and trained staff in place, with a proven track record of such projects for residential developments in China, across a wide range of cities since 2013.


Sample Style of a Rapid DD Project Report (Image Blurred Intentionally)



China Forecast Service – Standardized Research Augments the Customized DD Work


How do we get the data?


We license (for the past 9 years, we have been partnering with China Index Academy in Beijing) and also collect a large volume of the underlying raw structured and unstructured data that we then turn into metrics and analytics, including the use of proprietary technology from our sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) and its AI-powered research automation and data collection tools – proving useful when ‘normal’ data is limited.


Combining the specialist data-driven analysis with primary research and software development differentiates us from other firms.


We have been helping clients with due diligence since 2013, in formats ranging from a few days to a few weeks.


In our experience, each deal’s assumptions have a few particularly sensitive points – be it sales velocity, price levels vs comps, or viability of a new city area.  We do not template the reports but rather discuss with you upfront what really matters and devise the logic of analysis and structure of the reports to match that.


Our analysis then goes much deeper than what you would typically see in such projects.


With our support for your due diligence, you can grow your confidence in your underwriting assumptions. That extends to the IC’s comfort level, and the LPs increasingly pay attention to how data-grounded the potential transaction is, and how much you have done on the robust risk assessment.


Note that what we provide is market research, not any form of an investment advice.


Finally, and importantly, we are an independent research firm. We do not broker any deals, sell any assets or funds and hence can serve you without the bias or conflicted incentives, increasing the credibility of the analysis.


Is this for your firm, specifically?


If you do look at any equity or debt deals involving China residential development, we believe it would be a match.  We have also been developing our capabilities in the data center sector, thanks to our proprietary databases of projects and transactions.


To set up an introductory call, simply email us at research@realestateforesight.com.





We believe it is not about being just positive or negative on China property or particular new developments, but rather about how to illuminate the key issues objectively, where you can then communicate your particular strategy and tactics to your stakeholders, against the well-grounded context. You give your stakeholders more comfort with risk and confidence that you have grasped all the issues.


We have completed projects on primers and presentations for e.g. data centers, cross-sector China strategies, residential development, as well as broader rental housing, and Greater Bay Area.


Examples Of Pages From Market Primer






We find the proverbial devil is in the (data) detail holds increasingly true as the investor questions about China property get more specific around data caveats and proper ways to interpret the information.


On that topic alone, we have a new ‘China Property Data 101’ presentation module we have delivered on client calls, and Robert Ciemniak contributed a chapter ‘Navigating the China Property Data Landscape’ to a new book published by Springer.


China Property Data 101 (clients only, the image blurred intentionally) 

‘Navigating the China Property Data Landscape’ book chapter