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'Evergrande' Everywhere?
Posted: 25 September, 2021

'Evergrande' Everywhere? Interesting to see how the frequency of appearance of Evergrande in the media headlines differs between the Western and Chinese media - based on a curated selection of a few hundred sources each. In the former (the top chart), it's a huge sudden spike. The latter shows it's been a big topic for quite a while, though also now at its peak (relative scale, 100=max).

Calculated with the Kubro(TM) Information Engine from Robotic Online Intelligence, a sister venture to Real Estate Foresight focused on automation of research and text analysis. Much more on that soon.

As for Evergrande and China housing markets - the sector has been the focus of our research and analytics at Real Estate Foresight for the past 10 years - if you are looking for an independent and data-grounded view and insights, do get in touch.