Tracking Covid-19 Impact on China Property

We have deployed our technology at the sister venture Robotic Online Intelligence to search, capture, filter and present on a daily basis a range of headline anecdotes, local media reports, opinions and policy news from local Chinese sources (translations via Google Translate API) to help track the impact on property firms, broader corporate environment and[…]

Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) Introduces Signallium(TM) – China Property: Market Intelligence and Signals From China Property Markets

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2020 / Robotic Online Intelligence Ltd (ROI), an AI-powered business intelligence and analytics startup, announces the launch of Signallium™ | China Property, a market signals and intelligence service for foreign investors with exposure to local China property sector. FOCUSED ON CHINA PROPERTY – THE WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT[…]

Interview With Robert Ciemniak – From Research To Software And AI

Briefly sharing how we got from research into software and AI and how we deploy neural networks, a short interview with Robert Ciemniak, the Founder-CEO of Real Estate Foresight and Robotic Online Intelligence on the sidelines of the Beryl Elites conference. Our focus is on optimising how we as humans absorb and filter information.  

Robert Ciemniak Speaking At HSBC 3rd Annual Asia Credit Conference

As bonds issued by Chinese property developers make up a large share of the global high-yield universe, the significance of the Chinese housing markets goes far and beyond their local nature. Robert Ciemniak presented and joined the panel “The Forces Shaping China’s Property Sector” at HSBC 3rd Annual Asia Credit Conference in Hong Kong on September[…]

Western Media Sentiment On China vs Stock Market Performance

Exploring the relationship between our Western media headlines sentiment index on China (the blue line) and the Shanghai stock market index (red). No overall statistical pattern but there are some periods of strong correlation. It could be explained through the media reports simply covering extensively the latest market movements, though we use a moving average[…]

Video: Robert Ciemniak Speaking At Beryl-GTCOM Greater China Alternative Investments Conference in Beijing

Panel on digitization and technology disruption at the Beryl-GTCOM Greater China Alternative Investments Conference in Beijing. Robert’s 6 minutes on the case of China real estate – the scale and significance of the housing markets, surprising data transparency, what drives interest in data and analytics, our experience with data driven predictions, and the value of[…]

China Housing: Real Estate Foresight Price and Volume Forecast vs Actual (July 2019)

China Housing: the price and volume growth figures have been in line with our March based forecast (chart below, with the latest July data). The aggregates are only a starting point though – more localized policies, changes in composition and ‘rotation’ of cities driving growth, caveats in Chinese indices and averages… should be important considerations[…]

Robert Ciemniak speaking at Beryl-GTCOM Greater China Alternative Investments Conference In Beijing

Last week in Beijing at Beryl-GTCOM Greater China Alternative Investments Conference. Sharing insights from Robotic Online Intelligence on information filtering, predictive analytics and the role of AI in supporting the packaging of info for domain-specific human analyst consumption, real cases from the real estate sector with Real Estate Foresight.    

Robert Ciemniak presenting at HSBC GEM Investors Forum In New York

Robert Ciemniak, Founder-CEO of Real Estate Foresight, presented at HSBC Global Emerging Markets Investors Forum on June 11, “How should investors think about the Chinese property sector and associated risks? And Where Did The Winter Go?”.