Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI) Introduces Signallium(TM) – China Property: Market Intelligence and Signals From China Property Markets

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2020 / Robotic Online Intelligence Ltd (ROI), an AI-powered business intelligence and analytics startup, announces the launch of Signallium™ | China Property, a market signals and intelligence service for foreign investors with exposure to local China property sector. FOCUSED ON CHINA PROPERTY – THE WORLD’S MOST IMPORTANT[…]

Interview With Robert Ciemniak – From Research To Software And AI

Briefly sharing how we got from research into software and AI and how we deploy neural networks, a short interview with Robert Ciemniak, the Founder-CEO of Real Estate Foresight and Robotic Online Intelligence on the sidelines of the Beryl Elites conference. Our focus is on optimising how we as humans absorb and filter information.  

The Advancements in Technology Behind Data – Full Video of our Panel Session at Beryl Elites Conference in New York

Satellite radars, alternative data from the use of SaaS products and IoT sensors, quantum computing questions… plenty of new applications but keep in mind the risks around algorithms, overfitting, and how things need to come together operationally for the buy-side user – where the cloud has made a real difference thus far; exciting topics with[…]

What Next for Hong Kong Property Prices?

What next for Hong Kong property prices? Here’s our updated Curated News Brief with the recent local news/headlines in December about the Hong Kong property markets – focused on the market price signals and views and opinions from a wide range of local sources (translations via Google API): A range of forecasts for 2020: 1)[…]

China Data Puzzle

China data puzzle: how come there is such a gap between the reported property new starts and completions? At the first glance (chart below), this looks concerning. But the correct data interpretation in China often requires a much more detailed view. The two data points may have different definitions/scope of coverage. The sales figure composition[…]

What sustains the China new home sales?

China Property: sales volume growth in 2019 at a national level in gross floor area has surprised many with its resilience (see the red line on the chart below – year-to-date year-on-year measure, all property not just residential), but what has contributed to that growth? In a by-region cut, it is clear that the Western[…]

Robert Ciemniak speaking at Beryl Elites Conference in New York

Earlier today on our panel ‘The Advancements in Technology Behind Data’ at Beryl Elites 3rd Annual Beryl Elites Conference in New York. Some dose of skepticism on the promises of quantum and AI ‘always 5 years away’; proven major change from the cloud and open source as the buy side integrates data into their operations; some[…]

China housing: lower-tier cities are no longer the driver of the volume growth

China housing: lower-tier cities are no longer the driver of the volume growth for new homes. The green line on the chart below shows what the national sales volume growth (YTD Y/Y) would have been if we had excluded the lower-tier cities (i.e. only using data for 4 Tier-1 and 36 Tier-2 cities). They were[…]

Alt Data on Rental Housing in China

China rental housing sector will be getting more attention with two major providers recently filing for the IPOs in the US. Real Estate Foresight published a primer on the sector, “ULTRA China – Urban Long Term Rental Apartments” a year ago (available on request for institutional investors and funds). At Robotic Online Intelligence (ROI), we[…]

Some points from the latest monthly China Property report by Real Estate Foresight

Some points from the latest monthly China Property report by Real Estate Foresight covering the signals from the property markets: 1) Sales volumes remain resilient, without much change from the high 2018 base, driven in recent months by the strength of the Western region 2) Higher-frequency weekly data for a sample of 13 major cities[…]