China ULTRA – Urban Long Term Rental Apartments: Primer on Rental Housing

A potentially massive change is underway in the housing markets in China.

The great policy push by the government from the very top since mid-2017, and the bottom-up need driven by affordability problems and changing mindsets have taken the rental housing market centre stage in the China property sector.

Yet has anyone really figured out how to make money in the sector given low general rental yields at 1-2% in Tier-1 cities and 5-6% ABS financing cost? What business, operating models and products are in play today and who are the key players? What’s a sensible framework to put all this into, without getting confused by the language and all the terms? How will the rental sector impact the for-sale housing?

With this report, we initiate our data and analytics entry into the sector that we label as ULTRA – Urban Long Term Rental Apartments sector. We are building a proprietary database of players and their activities as well as use our big data technology to track rental prices and daily news and announcements, to complement traditional research.

We provide the overview and suggest a framework for the market and product landscape, look at the key players, their operating models, pricing and give our take on the critical issues as of mid-2018, and what to watch for in the next 6 months and the latest developments in the sector at the end.

To request a copy (qualifying institutional players only / media): contact us here.